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— Our company —

Jesus Jiménenez Ceramics and Pottery is a family company of potters who came to early last century, and whose founder is named our company. The workmanship of the mud has been passed from generation to generation until today, preserving the essence of traditional and always taking advantage of the resources we offer our land.

manufacturing bricks

From this picture until today, little has changed in the way of developing our products, making the experience our best chance in a manufacturing process millennium.

— The manufacturing process —

  • Extraction of clay: Through this process selects the best clay for the manufacture of our products..
  • Modeling: The process through which mud is transformed into the clay extracted and given shape to our materials for this utilzando molds and our own hands.
  • Drying: The process through which the molded material is dried for several days before being cooked. If materials are artificially dry them less resistance.
  • Cooking: Once dry, the materials are cooked in traditional ovens.

— Background —

The clay comes about through a natural process that takes tens of thousands of years. It is characterized by acquiring plasticity when mixed with water, and hardness on heating above 800 ºC.

Throughout history the clay has been used by man to develop all kind of tools and materials, including building materials. The oldest clay materials dating from prehistory (the Upper Paleolithic (25,000 BC), giving signs of great consistency and robustness of these clay materials.

clay tiles
Arabic tile Modeling
baked clay
Rustic brick drying
ceramic tiles
Oven for cocion of clay

— Why our products are best? —

The handmade clay materials produced are better than industrially processed because during processing to maintain some small pores that make expansion chamber, which makes them much more resistant to temperature changes. Material produced mechanically removes all these pores creating a more brittle material. A clear example of these materials include tile or brick rustic Arabic, which are produced in this manner, providing the most consistent clay.

ceramic kilns
arabe tile
Traditional wood clay oven
rustic brick
Extraction of clay

— Restoration Materials —

Currently, our company also produces clay materials for restoration of historical and artistic monuments, where the clay and materials derived from it play a role. We design and produce any type of restoration material is very complex.